The Girl           In The Mirror             


Tonya is a successful entrepreneur, woman of faith, passionate wife and mother of three sons. She is a nurturer and enjoys helping people to reach their full potential in life.  A devout professional leader who is advancing the vision to build a community and global network with other devout men and women of various professions to assist in cultivating future leaders with vision and purpose. She mentors and inspires young ladies of all ages in becoming the leader whom God has created them to be. Her creativity is expressed through a teaching program uniquely designed to nurture the beauty of ones character from within. Her organization was given the name from the biblical story of Esther - A Persian Queen who was positioned, favored,and purposed to save a nation of people. From childhood her journey into discovering purpose has taught her like Esther to be the lady she is today. "We learn through life challenges,obstacles,and mistakes that our calling is not based upon what man thinks but what God our Father says you are to be. "My hopes and dreams were made a reality when I stepped out of the ordinary and discovered through God what was on the inside of me."

The Queen Within