Sista Girls Corporation The Queen Within       

       The Girl           In The Mirror             


About Sista Girls: A Mother and Daughter team who lead and coordinate small group sessions for girls, teens, and young adults to instill virtues that build self esteem.  Within our efforts to accomplish this vision, many local and city wide business organizations within the Greater Cincinnati area has help to support our efforts to make our program a true success. This year our mission will continue to extend our    services beyond our borders to impact generations globally.

It has been said throughout generations, "It takes a village to raise children." Within this concept, Sista Girls strives to build lasting relationships that create a sisterhood bond through support and love. 

Our essential mission is to provide a much needed platform and safe place for young women to grow and receive training to develop leadership, social and life skills. One of many goals is that every member strives to be a leader of great success.